French Cuisine Series-Section 1: Dish 58 to Dish 63

French Cuisine gives me a lot of surprise. Some are amazing good, while some are terrible bad. Most of dishes I haven’t heard and even try before, so the process of cooking create a lot of fun for me. It just like doing test in food lab, you don’t know the final taste until you finish it. Here are this first section results~~welcome every professionals/ foodies to give me any comment 🙂

Dish: 59 French Mussels

Dish: 59 French Mussels

65 hachis parmentier

Dish 65: Hachis Parmentier

62 sole meuniere

Dish 62: Sole Menuiere

Dish 59(2)

Dish:63 Piperade

Dish:63 Piperade


Dish 60:Poulet Basquaise

Dish 60:Poulet Basquaise

Dish 61:Baked Camembert

Dish 61:Baked Camembert

French Crepe

Dish 58: French Crepe

Baked Camembert


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